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CSI: LV Fic - Ribbons and Bows - Ch.7/?

Title: Ribbons and Bows
Chapter: 7 / ?
Author: caffeinified
Fandom: CSI: Las Vegas
Characters/Pairing: Gil Grissom
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own CSI. It's just for fun.
Summary: Casefile: Australia. This is AU post Gil’s leaving the Vegas crime lab. Warning for adult themes in case details.

Previous Chapters: 1|2|3|4|5|6

The findings of the medical examiner were both informative and facts that Gil had already suspected. After waiting for just over four hours, Gil was allowed inside the offices. Back in the States he would have had clearance to go in anywhere he wanted to, it was the same in most of the United Kingdom. However, he wasn’t one to disrespect protocol in other countries no matter how badly he had wanted to get on with the work of actively solving a case. Somewhere along the way Gil had forgotten how to stand back and watch while others worked. Or maybe he had never known how such an act was accomplished.

At this point they knew from the autopsies that the earliest had been killed approximately three years ago and that each body had suffered abuse of some kind. The older the remains the more difficult it was to know the extent of that damage. Thus far each child proved to be of same age and build. They were small children, believed now to be between the ages of four and eight. Eye color was difficult to tell, but as for hair color the perpetrator seemed to cycle between blonde and red. Not one of the corpses found was brunette or raven haired which proved that there was most definitely an M.O. here.

The injuries from body to body cycled though. Two of the corpses held a fractured rib. One held a broken shin. On another the wrists were broken. It was difficult to tell whether the injuries were post mortem or not. On the two most recent corpses from the mass grave there was evidence of sexual abuse just as there had been on their initial Jane Doe. A simple deduction was that the same would be true in all six but Gil knew better than anyone that assumptions didn’t win a case in court. There were many lawyers who could and would get the most deplorable of men off on the technicalities of assumptions.

After studying the bodies for himself including the initial corpse that had brought him in on this case, Gil found himself in one of the evidence rooms. Post autopsy the items found in the grave were released to him and he readily got to work happy to have something to do. The heart necklace found was a locket and he now analyzed it through a large magnifying glass surrounded in fluorescent light. The locket was gold and on the front as he carefully worked away the dirt that had corroded itself onto the surface, he found a carved out initial; the letter A.

It was quite the find in a case such as this. It was distinctive. And it was something that was concrete which could be the catalyst for a direction in this case that they would never have thought to go before now.

He carefully opened the clasp and found that one side of the interior of the locket was a mirror. The other side held a weathered photograph. The outside elements had deteriorated the photo to something unrecognizable, but with the technology they had now there was still a chance that it could be at least somewhat restored. He pushed aside the magnifying glass and picked up his camera to snap several photographs of the inside of the locket. Then using tweezers, he removed the tiny photo from the locket and held it beneath the magnifying glass.

“What’s that?”

Gil had known he was being watched from the doorway by Silas for the last few minutes. So when he heard the familiar voice behind the question, it didn’t surprise him. “A photo. It looks like there may be three people in it. Anyway we’ll need to send it through the lab if we’re going to get some kind of discernable picture from it.”

He set the photo down on the table and looked over to Silas. “Also, that list of missing children that Mickey’s guys pulled up. We need to narrow it down to names that begin with the letter A. There’s an A engraved on the front of this locket.”

Silas stepped into the small evidence room, studying the spread on the table. “Gil, that’s huge. A photo.”

“It’s more than we had.” The concession was offered with a small shrug. Even though Gil knew that it was indeed a big find, a Pandora’s Box that could potentially break open the whole case, he had never been one to get his hopes up too early. There was still a long way to go in this case. But in mythology, after all of the ills that Pandora’s Box had to offer, there had always been hope.

He reached out to pick up the cross in one gloved hand. “Also, the gems in this cross are not diamonds. They’re aquamarine’s which is the birthstone for March. Perhaps Jane Doe number three was born in the month of March.”

“Which would narrow down the missing person’s list for her a lot.”

Gil nodded. “If she was ever reported missing. In your case the child was never reported missing. Those lists may be useless to us.”

Silas smirked and shook his head. “You know what? I’m gonna be positive here. You’re such an odd duck, Grissom. But for me? This is the most I’ve had in this case in a long time. We’re gonna get this guy before he gets another kid.”

“I’m not so positive about that.” Gil said plainly. When Silas simply watched him, Gil continued. “Your Jane Doe was his most previous kill. That was almost a year ago. He’s killed five others within an estimated time span of three years. His methodology was interrupted, not his underlying urges and desires. And when that urge is still there, the disrupted methodology simply changes.”

There was a sobering stretch of silence between both men at the knowledge that it was entirely possible that another child had already been abducted or killed. Finally, Silas shook his head and walked over to the corner to pull on a pair of latex gloves. “Buzz kill.” He accused.

Gil merely shrugged in response. He was stating the truth no matter how sobering it was. The truth was always difficult for many to accept. And what may be truth to one may not be to the next. Silas wanted to solve this case and would take any proverbial Pandora’s Box he could get. Gil was a little more hesitant to proclaim impending victory. As far as Gil was concerned, in some instances such as the evil’s of a highly disturbed man who had focused his attentions on little girls, hope was a very dangerous thing.
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